Always a pleasure to walk to Allendale

I love the walk to Allendale from Allendale Caravan Park. It is just over a mile by road or just under by the footpath along the East Allen

Looking down on Allendale

This photo above is taken from a longer route - Walk 1 on the Activities section of the website

The path along the river bank is at its best in the spring and in the next week or so the wild garlic and the wild cherry will be at their best. It is always great for a run, though.

We tell everyone that Allendale has great shops; the Co-op has EVERYTHING, and pubs, tea rooms, butchers, post office, gift shop too. When you have got your groceries, or had a wander around the Forge Gallery, have a wander and enjoy the lovely stone buildings. There are over 200 official listed buildings, and listed details such as railings in the village so have a look. 

From the roads around the valleys you get some great views as you return of Allendale nestling in the valley

This is the first blog post on the Allendale Caravan Park website and we hope to have a series of posts on places to go and features of the North Pennines