In the White Garden

The Allen Valleys are a blaze of white flowers at the moment. It is a fleeting magnificence and soon the pinks and blues will take over. Go for a walk anywhere in the valleys and the verges and footpaths are full of white flowers. 

Bird cherry and greater stitchwort

The bird cherry flowers are in greater detail below:

The wild garlic, or ramsons, is still in bloom and there is a great garlicky smell as you walk past it. I have tried cooking wild garlic growing on Allendale Caravan Park when the children were little and wanted an 'explorers' meal they had helped forage -meatballs wrapped in wild garlic parcels and baked with a tomato sauce over. They were happy, but the leaves disintegrated into a green mush, which I didn't find very appetising. Tell me if you have more success.

The hawthorns are just coming out - early this year. The 'May' flower is usually early 'June' in the Allen Valleys.


Like the hawthorn, the cow parsley is just coming in flower. Soon there will be huge rolling lengths of it along roadside verges

The Jack by the hedge is in full bloom opposite the entrance to the park

But, the important thing is that photographing all these flowers doesn't spoil a good walk.

In the white garden. 22/5/19