Noticing the details

I have a Covid-19 newspaper delivery round on the morning dog walk, which meanders around Catton and environs leading me on roads and footpaths that I don't usually go on. 

I have been noticing the details in a way I don't always do - the seat without the view,

the perfect jewel-like sedum growing in the wall

The gatepost

Of course, at this time of year there are lambs.

A tv archeologist at a talk arranged by North Pennines AONB  Partnership a number of years ago said that some of the dry stone walls in our landscape go back thousands of years. When I am in one of those places where you can't see houses and telegraph poles, I sometimes wonder what the view would have looked like in the past, but I do like the juxtaposition of bright colour on the very rural scene; the red,

the blue,

and the yellow.

The world seems very much at a junction in time,

but I asked permission to share this photo (from a number of metres distance and through a window) from the mother and two children in dressing up clothes who did this lovely rainbow on their fence,

and it seems as if there will be blue sky ahead