Admire the work of young elf artists of Allendale

Elf artists and architects have been at work on the path along the East Allen

Elf1 Large

It started early in lockdown with rainbow stones being left outside the businesses in Allendale to show appreciation for their hard work feeding, looking after and supplying the area in such a difficult time

Elf 2 use this Large

Then elf doors started to appear along the river bank. In the way of the the best of transitory art, some of these have already merged back into the river bank

Elf3 Large

You have to keep a good lookout

Elf4 Large

Elf5 Large

See different doors going to or from Allendale

Elf6 Large

The young elf artists of Allendale give a little bit of joy to my walk to Allendale

Elf7 Large

and there are lots more to see. Have a look