History of Allendale Caravan Park and the locality

The village of Allendale Town was established in the 1740s to support the needs of the rapidly expanding lead-mining industry of West Allendale. The lead miners believed that drinking milk counteracted the onset of lead-poisoning and established a significant dairy industry on their small-holdings (in their spare time)

.Holiday Group at Allendale Station Train at Allendale Station around 1915

The Hexham to Allendale Railway was opened in 1869 to carry ore from the lead mines and, particularly after the closure of the last mines in 1894, transported milk to the Milk Marketing Board on Tyneside. The line was closed to passengers in 1930, but continued to carry goods until 1950.

Allendale Station, the passenger terminus of the railway, was sold to the former station- master. The caravan park was opened on the site in 1955, with caravans sited on the former railway track. The railway station was separated into two, with the ground-floor rooms adjacent to the platform (ladies waiting room and ticket office) providing a spacious 2-bedroomed apartment, the remainder of the station being the park’s owners home. The park retains much of its original railway character, while the return of the wildlife and growth of the woods has eliminated any industrial feel.

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